What is Christmas

Christmas can be many things and it’s different for each person or family. We think at this time of year of how our Savior came to Earth and to be born in a manager.

A servant’s heart is something we should try and remember year round and it can be a big thing like volunteering at church or helping a person or family in need. 

It can be simple things like having a good attitude at work, or forgiving that car that just cut you off. It can be buying the car behind you in the drive thru meal or giving that five dollar bill in the offering at church instead of that one dollar bill.

Learning that servant’s heart begins early at our church New Life United Pentecostal Church. Our ushers allow our children to often help with taking up the offering. 

Seeing Ava getting the offering plate and then praying with everyone before taking the offering is a Christmas moment if there ever was one (thanks to Gerri for grabbing my attention in time to get the image).

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