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Let me encourage you to not let Facebook and Instagram be your default way to upload images. Using those social platforms to share images is fine, but don’t use them to really store, display or brag about your images.

There are many places to backup your images such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon Photos, etc… but what if you want a place that will display your images in all their glory?

For me I’m using two different services that are owned by the same company. That company is Smugmug.

For 10+ years I have been a customer of Smugmug. Yes you read that right, I pay for a service and that service is storing and displaying my images. They also have plans that allow you to sell your prints online. So in the age of providing a service for free and then displaying ADs or selling your content to advertisers it’s so refreshing to actually pay a company for their product and not worry about having advertising or personal data being sold to a third party.

Smugmug is run by photographers and it shows. Their platform is super tight with security, options and the ability to sell prints if that is what you would like to do. It’s not a site that people go to and become social it’s more a view, backup, and sell images kindof of place.

So that might be why Smugmug just recently bought Flickr. You remember flickr it’s been around since the dark ages and it’s strength is showing images to a community that then can comment on them or create groups which is a good way to learn or share to people of like interests.

If you remember Yahoo bought Flickr a few years ago and just about killed it, but there is hope as at the close of 2018 Smugmug bought Flickr from Yahoo and they have big plans of revamping the site and bring back it’s glory…as I said the strength of Flickr is in the community.

So I upload and share my images on both Smugmug and Flickr. I use Smugmug to pull images that I use on this website as well as to group projects or say vacation images.

If you are a photographer, please don’t let your images waste away on Facebook or Instagram…neither treat your images well with harsh compression and reduction in quality. Like I said, you can share images to them but at least use a good service to store your images and allow people to see your skills in images that are true to color and quality…just like what you saw from the back of the camera when you took the shot.

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