Shooting a 1971 film camera

What to get excited about your photography? For me it was when a good friend gave Jack a camera…I found it in our Sunday School bag when we got home from church and when I asked Gerri who gave me that? She answered it’s not yours it was given to Jack.

You know the scene when Bilbo sees the ring again and for a moment turns evil and says it’s mine, why should I give it back…yeah that was me.

Anyway, the camera is a 1971 Minolta Hi-Matic E that acts like a rangefinder camera but is unique in that all you have to do is tell it the film speed and then focus. The camera is suppose to figure out the shutter speed and aperture. I say suppose to because we have only shot one roll of film and I haven’t taken it to get developed…isn’t that funny…I have to carry the film to a story leave it there and get it back …who knows when and to get your negatives back nowadays is a chore if your trying to use a big box store.

But I got ahead of myself, you see the camera was in awesome shape and the Rokkor QF 40mm f1.7 lens didn’t have a spot on it…but the batteries that were used by this camera were lead based and …yeah.. you get it…no more lead batteries in a good while. So I did some research and saw how many came up with really interesting ways of tricking the camera to get it to work with batteries that were at best looked scary. I finally found some batteries at a small family battery shop online that I thought would work the question is the slight different in voltage would probably throw off the exposure metering of the camera. The batteries came in and I put them in the camera and it woke up as if it was still 1971. I won’t know for sure what the images look like as it pertains to exposure until I get the first roll of b/w back…so stay tuned.

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