Jack’s first time at Templar Indoor Range

Knowing the right time for your child to learn to shoot is different for every child. I have never been a hunter, but I do love the shooting sports and also learning how to use firearms for self defense.

I have never pushed Jack into wanting to shoot…he has always played with toy guns and bow and arrows and he was taught from a early age the respect you give firearms. We have used the NRA’s Eddie Eagle program to teach Jack what to do if you see a firearm.

So we felt that Jack was responsible enough now to learn how to shoot and so today we headed to Templar Indoor Range with a .22 Ruger pistol and a ATI GSG-5 rifle.

We had a great time and Jack wasn’t nervous at all. Jack is a lefty like me so it was easier to teach him than what I thought it would be…

22nd Annual Quilting Show

We enjoyed visiting the 22nd Annual Quilting show held in Tullahoma. This event is held by three Coffee County guilds. The Girl’s Night Quilting Society, Heirloom Quilters’ Guild and Manchester Quilting Ladies.

Belong is the quilts that were on display…notice the number of quilts that are hand quilted.

The sewing machine that you see is circa. 1860s and still works today.

We visit the Tennessee State Museum

About a month ago we saw that the Tennessee State Museum was opening an exhibit on the art and story of Tennessee quilts. I had been wanting to go to the museum since it opened back in October of 2018. When I saw that there was going to be a temporary exhibit running from Feb 8th to July 7th, 2019 on the Art and Story of Tennessee Quilts I knew it was time to go.

I would encourage everyone to visit our state museum. The exhibits are detailed and cover the history of our state well. The layout can be slightly confusing so pay attention that you don’t miss a complete section.

The Tennessee State Museum is a large museum in Nashville depicting the history of the U.S. state of Tennessee. The current facility opened on October 4, 2018, at the corner of Rosa Parks Boulevard and Jefferson Street at the foot of Capitol Hill by the Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park.

Being in the house was special

Last year we were able to visit the White House. It was interesting to be standing in many of the rooms that historical figures have been in, to see the art on the walls or sitting around the rooms, the history made there and the fact that this house is known throughout the world.

A havanese life

After a long weekend of activities ending in Christmas night, this is how we all feel… well not Jack but at least for Gerri and I.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

Charlie Brown Christmas

The production of Charlie Brown Christmas at Huntsville Von Braum Center was a wonderful musical that has become a traditional for us.

Last year we saw it in Nashville and them this year in Huntsville AL.

Great show and a packed house in the big hall. Glad we got to go

What is Christmas

Christmas can be many things and it’s different for each person or family. We think at this time of year of how our Savior came to Earth and to be born in a manager.

A servant’s heart is something we should try and remember year round and it can be a big thing like volunteering at church or helping a person or family in need. 

It can be simple things like having a good attitude at work, or forgiving that car that just cut you off. It can be buying the car behind you in the drive thru meal or giving that five dollar bill in the offering at church instead of that one dollar bill.

Learning that servant’s heart begins early at our church New Life United Pentecostal Church. Our ushers allow our children to often help with taking up the offering. 

Seeing Ava getting the offering plate and then praying with everyone before taking the offering is a Christmas moment if there ever was one (thanks to Gerri for grabbing my attention in time to get the image).

PreTeen showed up today

What’s the stage between being a kid and being a part of the church youth group?

It’s called PreTeen, sometimes it rears its head as “Mother, I’m a PreTeen not a child” and then there are the times when it shows up and gets you with a lump in your throat as he joins the big kids on the stage.

New Life’s production of Gloria had Jack performing with the members on stage…and we couldn’t have been prouder.

A small clip of the show Sunday Morning.

Dinner with Granny

Dinner with Granny is always interesting.

As we celebrate Gerri’s birthday, Jack needed to go as Halo to make the night interesting.

Jack in the Valley

[mks_dropcap style=”letter” size=”52″ bg_color=”#ffffff” txt_color=”#000000″]A[/mks_dropcap] few years back we had a great day shooting elk in North Carolina. I found this video that jack shot as we sat in the back of the truck (this was before we got our new truck). It was a day of waiting, eating, and finally watching the elk come down and appear in the fields.

Here is a story we created about our trip.

Cataloochee Valley by Randy Pollock on Exposure 

What my Father Taught me

You will find that my stories are found on a subdomain of this site. I use the website Exposure as they do a great job of telling the story in words and images. Bold beautiful layouts help capture the conversation.

There is no better way to show you what I’m talking about than with my first story.

Click over and see if you agree.