A few image at Rock City

Our annual trip to Rock City was a little sad as we didn’t find a gnome for the office or house, but I did get a few images of the nice day. Going on a Thursday helped keep the crowds down even though the temp was really nice at 83 deg.

Riding on the Tennessee Railroad

This past Thursday we got to ride on the Missionary Ridge routine using Engine 630. If you want to know if train riding is for you take this short trip and see before signing up for a longer 3.5 hours or the even longer 9 hour ride.

Located in East Chattanooga, the Tennessee Valley Railroad is a great family or couple outing. The real steam engines are a sight to see.

Complete Greenway walk

We haven’t walked the green way since it was finished, so Saturday night we waited until it cooled down a little before grabbing the dogs and heading out.

The parking off of Lincoln street say 6am to 6pm, but why so early? The sun doesn’t set until 7:50 today. We went ahead and parked there and heading out.

It didn’t take long for Gerri to be attacked by a squirrel as often happens to us…but after that things calmed down and we even spotted a beaver closer to the library.

Overall it was a good walk with two stops at the water fountain at the park both for Jack and the dogs.

Charity Classic Car Cruise In

We enjoyed our first charity classic car cruise in Tullahoma at Chick-Fil-A. This month the event sponsored Friends of Animals. We enjoyed eating at Chick-fil-a then walking over to the free car show.

There were around 100 cars and the weather was perfect for the event. We saw a lot of great cars and nice owners.

Here are some of the cars at the event. It was good to finally see Teresa’s green dune buggy finally. It looks great.

Cornbread Festival 2019

Each year South Pittsburg, TN becomes the festival of Cornbread. That includes music, over 100 craft booths, food venues a carnival and yes of course cornbread.

The number of people who come is in the tens of thousands and the small town of South Pittsburg steps up and delivers a good show for the venue. This year the parking seemed to be more organized with volunteers leading the way to open areas of parking then shuttling folks via school buses to the different gates.

At seven dollars per person the cost isn’t to much to enjoy all the events. The weather this year was perfect with scattered clouds and a temperature in the upper 70s.

Our first stop is always this lemonade stand…without a doubt we think this is the best lemonade in the world..or at least form all the shows, festivals, events and venues we have been too.

If you have never been I would encourage you to visit next year and while you are there take the free tour into the Lodge Cast Iron Manufacturing center.

Thanks for a great day South Pittsburg.

Shooting a 1971 film camera

What to get excited about your photography? For me it was when a good friend gave Jack a camera…I found it in our Sunday School bag when we got home from church and when I asked Gerri who gave me that? She answered it’s not yours it was given to Jack.

You know the scene when Bilbo sees the ring again and for a moment turns evil and says it’s mine, why should I give it back…yeah that was me.

Anyway, the camera is a 1971 Minolta Hi-Matic E that acts like a rangefinder camera but is unique in that all you have to do is tell it the film speed and then focus. The camera is suppose to figure out the shutter speed and aperture. I say suppose to because we have only shot one roll of film and I haven’t taken it to get developed…isn’t that funny…I have to carry the film to a story leave it there and get it back …who knows when and to get your negatives back nowadays is a chore if your trying to use a big box store.

But I got ahead of myself, you see the camera was in awesome shape and the Rokkor QF 40mm f1.7 lens didn’t have a spot on it…but the batteries that were used by this camera were lead based and …yeah.. you get it…no more lead batteries in a good while. So I did some research and saw how many came up with really interesting ways of tricking the camera to get it to work with batteries that were at best looked scary. I finally found some batteries at a small family battery shop online that I thought would work the question is the slight different in voltage would probably throw off the exposure metering of the camera. The batteries came in and I put them in the camera and it woke up as if it was still 1971. I won’t know for sure what the images look like as it pertains to exposure until I get the first roll of b/w back…so stay tuned.

Simple composition at the Library

I really enjoyed how this image turned out. It was still raining when I grabbed my Fuji X-T2 and the beautiful Mitakon Zhongyi Speedmaster 35mm f/0.95 Mark II Lens.

This lens is manual focus only, but when shooting black and white with Fuji’s focus peaking it’s not very hard to see your focus.

This is Fuji’s monochrome plus green film simulation and I love how the white buds come out from the branches.

At the Coffee County Lannom Memorial Public Library – Tullahoma TN

The Bird Feeders are up

The feeders have been up long enough for the birds to get use to them and the normal lot of birds that we have in our backyard have all returned.

I had a few minutes this evening to try my new camera/lens setup although I don’t have good perches in place I was able to use the one remaining good stick for the birds to land on.

I am using my Fuji X-T3 with the Fringer Pro lens adapter and mounted my Canon 400mm. The Fringer Pro allows me to adjust aperture and works well with the Canon 400mm even with Auto Focus.

Mouse in the Flowers

The world of miniature is something that I have never tried in my photography. The setting of a scene, the right props, lighting…it was fun to setup the scene with a mouse prop that Gerri had bought me (others to come).

Keeping the prop in it’s place and to keep it clean with two dogs and cool damp ground wasn’t the best, but hey it’s better than sitting in water like it’s been over the past month.

The funniest part is that the area where I shoot this is right up against our dog kennel and between Dempsey and Jonah they wanted to know what I was doing next to the kennel besides watching out for poop.

Let me know what you think of the images.

22nd Annual Quilting Show

We enjoyed visiting the 22nd Annual Quilting show held in Tullahoma. This event is held by three Coffee County guilds. The Girl’s Night Quilting Society, Heirloom Quilters’ Guild and Manchester Quilting Ladies.

Belong is the quilts that were on display…notice the number of quilts that are hand quilted.

The sewing machine that you see is circa. 1860s and still works today.

We visit the Tennessee State Museum

About a month ago we saw that the Tennessee State Museum was opening an exhibit on the art and story of Tennessee quilts. I had been wanting to go to the museum since it opened back in October of 2018. When I saw that there was going to be a temporary exhibit running from Feb 8th to July 7th, 2019 on the Art and Story of Tennessee Quilts I knew it was time to go.

I would encourage everyone to visit our state museum. The exhibits are detailed and cover the history of our state well. The layout can be slightly confusing so pay attention that you don’t miss a complete section.

The Tennessee State Museum is a large museum in Nashville depicting the history of the U.S. state of Tennessee. The current facility opened on October 4, 2018, at the corner of Rosa Parks Boulevard and Jefferson Street at the foot of Capitol Hill by the Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park.

Galleries Galore

Let me encourage you to not let Facebook and Instagram be your default way to upload images. Using those social platforms to share images is fine, but don’t use them to really store, display or brag about your images.

There are many places to backup your images such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon Photos, etc… but what if you want a place that will display your images in all their glory?

For me I’m using two different services that are owned by the same company. That company is Smugmug.

For 10+ years I have been a customer of Smugmug. Yes you read that right, I pay for a service and that service is storing and displaying my images. They also have plans that allow you to sell your prints online. So in the age of providing a service for free and then displaying ADs or selling your content to advertisers it’s so refreshing to actually pay a company for their product and not worry about having advertising or personal data being sold to a third party.

Smugmug is run by photographers and it shows. Their platform is super tight with security, options and the ability to sell prints if that is what you would like to do. It’s not a site that people go to and become social it’s more a view, backup, and sell images kindof of place.

So that might be why Smugmug just recently bought Flickr. You remember flickr it’s been around since the dark ages and it’s strength is showing images to a community that then can comment on them or create groups which is a good way to learn or share to people of like interests.

If you remember Yahoo bought Flickr a few years ago and just about killed it, but there is hope as at the close of 2018 Smugmug bought Flickr from Yahoo and they have big plans of revamping the site and bring back it’s glory…as I said the strength of Flickr is in the community.

So I upload and share my images on both Smugmug and Flickr. I use Smugmug to pull images that I use on this website as well as to group projects or say vacation images.

If you are a photographer, please don’t let your images waste away on Facebook or Instagram…neither treat your images well with harsh compression and reduction in quality. Like I said, you can share images to them but at least use a good service to store your images and allow people to see your skills in images that are true to color and quality…just like what you saw from the back of the camera when you took the shot.

Stone Mountain Plantation Images

There are places that I visited growing up that stay with me even in my adult age…and one of these places is Stone Mountain GA.

As a family we have often gone to the park just as my Mom and Dad took us as kids.

Stone Mountain Park is Georgia’s most popular attraction and features a wide variety of family activities. Located on 3,200 acres of natural beauty.

These are some black and white images of the plantation area of the park and it’s a gold mine for photographers.

My blade collection

Ever changing but this is my current collection minus a Lionsteel folder that I am currently carrying daily. I’ll get that knife on here soon.

The 2hawks tomahawk was a gift from my wife and wow, what a wonderful hawk it is… It handles well and is useful both as a chopper and skillful tasks.

If you have any questions just leave a comment and I’ll be happy to answer them.

PreTeen showed up today

What’s the stage between being a kid and being a part of the church youth group?

It’s called PreTeen, sometimes it rears its head as “Mother, I’m a PreTeen not a child” and then there are the times when it shows up and gets you with a lump in your throat as he joins the big kids on the stage.

New Life’s production of Gloria had Jack performing with the members on stage…and we couldn’t have been prouder.

A small clip of the show Sunday Morning.

The Hermitage Trees

Andrew Jackson’s home has beautiful trees that make wonderful black and white images.

Here is an image taken back this Spring that shows the huge trees on the property.

Buffer App usage might solve a problem for some people

I haven’t used Buffer in a few years, but not that you can post to Instagram from it …could be a reason to go back to it …even if it’s just for the free version.

Things to remember for posting to Instagram
Make a Virtual Copy
Crop 1:1 for simple square crop
1.91 to 1 for horizontal crop
Save as jpeg
ColorSpace sRGB
Quality 76 percent 
Size 1080 length and width
Make a preset
For Vertical use 4×5 crop

You cannot use Buffer for personal Facebook accounts, as Facebook won’t let them so this app would be for FB pages.