First Images from the Minolta Hi-Matic E

The first images taken on the 1971 Minolta Hi-Matic are back from the Lab.

This first set of images were just to see if the camera would even work and if there were any light leaks from the body or from the lens mount.

It looks fairly good and the focus isn’t that bad…although trying to get it right in the camera was a lot of guess work for me.

ILFORD Lab Direct
I sent the film to the folks that made it to give the film the best chance of turning out decent.

The next roll I’m going to focus on working with it outside for better conditions and go for more urban shots. The cost to send the film and get it developed for this camera will make this project short lived but I’m looking forward to shooting a few more rolls before stopping.

Mouse in the Flowers

The world of miniature is something that I have never tried in my photography. The setting of a scene, the right props, lighting…it was fun to setup the scene with a mouse prop that Gerri had bought me (others to come).

Keeping the prop in it’s place and to keep it clean with two dogs and cool damp ground wasn’t the best, but hey it’s better than sitting in water like it’s been over the past month.

The funniest part is that the area where I shoot this is right up against our dog kennel and between Dempsey and Jonah they wanted to know what I was doing next to the kennel besides watching out for poop.

Let me know what you think of the images.

Marvel Live

We all went to Huntsville back before Christmas to see Marvel Live. It’s a great production and worth going to see (even if you don’t have little kids).

We saw Marvel two years ago and I was impressed with the production, lighting and story line…so when they came this year to Huntsville Alabama. we decide to go see it and yes the story was different this year along with new super heroes …like Guardians of the Galaxy.

I didn’t take my Fuji this year but trusted on my Pixel 3 to get some images.

Hope these can kind of give you an impression of what the event was like…